Coated Optics

Visimax Technologies offers a range of optical coatings products that improve the performance of lenses, mirrors, and other optical components. Their coatings are designed to increase transmission, reduce reflection, and improve durability.

VisiClear AR Coatings: The industry "gold standard" in efficient and consistent Anti-Reflection.
Metallic and Dielectric mirrors for demanding applications. Built to last.
Conductive Optics
Visimax offers standard ITO-coated windows, as well as custom index-matched ITO options.
Beam Splitters
Visimax has a range of standard and custom beam splitter designs for various imaging applications.
Visimax designs optical filters for a variety of demanding applications, especially aerospace & defense.
Protective Coatings
Visimax offers transparent protective coatings, including SiO2 and Al2O3, for both glass and plastic substrates,

Examples of Our Coating Projects

High Volume Space Coverglass Project with 99.99% Yield

Visimax has completed a supply project for a major satellite constellation. Over the lifetime of this project, Visimax produced more than 76,000 pieces of space-qualified coverglass for solar panels powering satellites in orbit.

1 Million Semionductor Wafers Coated

Visimax recently crossed the threshold of shipping its one millionth 200mm glass wafer - all of which received the Visiclear broadband anti-reflection (BBAR) coating. The longevity and scale of this project are a testament to Visimax's commitment to consistency and customer focus over the past two decades.

Custom Optical Coatings for advanced applications
Visimax produces high quality optical coatings for a range of leading applications, from prototype to multi-year high volume supply contracts.
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