Excellence in Optical Coatings
Visimax is an experienced Precision Optics manufacturing company focused on uncompromising quality and close partnership with its customers.
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Partnering with visimax
Visimax stands for Quality and Trust
At the heart of our commitment to customer success is our commitment to the quality and consistency of our coating processes. The Trusted Partnership ethos combines Visimax's uncompromising quality with a culture of anticipating, and acting on, the needs of its customers. Visimax fits in seamlessly within any supply chain and takes care of the coating business, so you can get back to taking care of your core business.
Uncompromising quality

First Time Right

Visimax's 3-word Quality Policy stands out for its simplicity and effectiveness: First Time Right. This is a mantra that runs deep within our organization and has become a statement of personal pride about what we stand for. With optical coatings, you don't get a second chance at correctness.

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Proven success

4 Million Optics Coated

Quality comes with experience. Visimax has successfully coated more than 4 million lenses, wafers, windows, prisms, collimators, doublets, aspheres, and even modern art pieces. We have developed "secret sauce" processes, as well as a robust risk management system for successful scaling of high volume projects.

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Company news and events

Visimax Coatings & Optics Flown On Increasing Number Of US Satellites
May 3, 2024

Visimax physicists have developed low-CTE specialty mirrors and radiation-stable coatings specific to different orbit distances which enable and protect critical satellite components. Visimax's optical coatings have undergone rigorous radiation testing, in addition to other more standard tests familiar within terrestrial applications. The strategic shift has placed more of a national spotlight on Visimax as a key manufacturer within the strategic supply chain to US national defense.

Visimax Co-locates with Leading US Satellite Cover Glass Producer
Jan 11, 2023

The leading American producer of cover glass for solar panels in space, Martin Materials Solutions (MMS), has moved into the Visimax headquarters building in Twinsburg, OH.

Visimax Invests $1.2m to Expand Optical Coating Capacity
Jan 11, 2023

Visimax has made significant investments to further expand its fleet of optical coating equipment and reduce lead times in 2023.

Custom Optical Coatings for advanced applications
Visimax produces high quality optical coatings for a range of leading applications, from prototype to multi-year high volume supply contracts.
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